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 equipment-animation              Equipment Rental

All the latest audio-visual production equipment at your beck and call at rental rates that won't break your production budget.

Choose from a range of rental packages:
° From digital field production units (Sony D30/D35 DVCam or Panasonic AG DVX 100P) to one/two camera set-ups.
° Linear or non-linear post production packages and a full menu of other rentals and services.
° From 3D animated logo or graphics generation and tape to tape transfers, to audio recording/editing suite rentals, studio rentals, and many otders. You name it, we got it.
Ask us for a friendly quote today.
 concept-animation              Post-Production

We offer high quality editing, compositing and 3D animation.
The projects we develop are finalized and mastered within our own internal post production facilities.
We're equipped for linear or non-linear editing, in both digital or betacam formats.
We also provide full DVD solutions: design, authoring and encoding.
In audio, our sister company Creative Expressions is equipped with a fully digital 32-track audio recording suite and the cutting edge Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered software for Grammy and Academy Award-standard music recording, mixing and editing.

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